Coincides with the occurrence of a total lunar eclipse is right crossing over the island of Belitung, Indonesia, in March 2016, Formologix was given an opportunity by PBS to conduct and implement a design research of a modular architecture: Kirana dock and domes as facility to witness this rare natural event. Located just 100 meters from the replica of SD Laskar Pelangi, a wooden deck is designed jutting into the Lenggang River with five Blobby Domes above it overlooks the very beautiful natural scenery.

Kirana dock scaled model Kirana dock scaled model


The curves of Blobby domes which inspired by the form of partially-sliced moon, is trying to depict the lunar eclipse. The use of synthetic knitted rattan as the main material produces a semi-transparent surfaces and give a poetic shadows inside the domes. Today, many visitors use this dome as a place to rest and shelter from the sun. The use of computational methods allowing an accurate calculation of curve slices as a meeting of different sizes of two dome modules. Computational methods are also used to provide the simulation of the multiplication of the domes in greater numbers.

Kirana Dock Programs Kirana Dock Programs


The wooden deck was made with triangular modules with each of its sides measuring 3.5 m in length. The triangular shape was chosen with consideration of material efficiency.

Modulation Modulation

Moreover, the repetition of the module is able to generate the more fluid and less-formal shape of the dock with a lively groovy pattern of its wooden panel.

Modulation construction system Modulation construction system Construction images Construction images June 2016 May 2016



The Kirana Dome is also well known by the local people as “Rumah Keong” because of its appearance which like series of snail-shell.

Year of completion 2016
Materials Rattan synthetic, Timber
Tools Rhino, Grasshopper
Location Kawasan Wisata Lenggang, Kecamatan Gantong, Belitung Timur – Indonesia
Client PT Pelangi Beltim Sejahtera
Colaborators :

  1. Architect – Computational Designer : Dani Hermawan – Formologix
  2. Architect – management and supervision : Carolina Djunaedi, Bondan Petra, Wilson Tungajaya
  3. Dome Fabricator  : Viro Build – PT Polymindo Permata
  4. Deck Fabricator : PT Samko Timber Limited