The research is about exploration of fractal forms that will be applied on an urban context sited on the former Tempelhof Airport, Berlin.

Defibrilation form - Applying lorenz fractal form on tempelhof context

Tempelhof  airport  was  known as the mother  of  world  aiport. Its  loacation  which is situated in  heart of city of  Berlin brings  the  authority  of  Berlin  to close  the airport  in October 2008.  Gradually, Tempelhof airport as one of berlin transport nodes -which  has the  same operation with the heart activity in  human body-  will lose its activity and suddenly dead on the day  of retirement. Tempelhof area get its Urban Heart Attack.

Defibrilated Heart of Berlin - Fractal Skyscraper

One approach which has taken in order to recover  the tempelhof’s Urban heart attack, is by giving it an external defibrillator -in medical  term known as an electric shock- to reinitiate the its pulse. External defibrillator has been translated as giving a new shock for the urban area in the term of dimension, character,  types of function- and initiate a new world activities: museum and world trade center in tempelhof that  can replace the former tempelhof as heart of berlin.

Elevations of the new skyscraper