Formologix on Follymorph Workshop|Winter 2007

Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA), Bauhaus-Dessau, Germany.
Supervisor: SPAN Architecture
Atmospheric drawing - Folly Exterior View

In winter 2007, formologix lab made a collaborative project with Fei Ao (architect) for an exploration of emergence system as design strategy in architectural design. It is started from using an analogue model/abstract machine –plaster and chicken wire- to study material behaviors which drove to a result, an emergent form.

The abstract machine - plaster+chicken wire
Emergent behavior

During the observation of the abstract machine, the emergent form generated from a stochastic process or planned under uncertainty.  In fact, the emergent form was consequence of extensive properties of used material  –such as mass, modulation, volume,  length and time–  and its intensive properties–such as weight, viscosity, elasticity, color, pressure and temperature.  Those extensive and intensive properties at the end determined set of rules in how emergent form created. In this case viscosity was the rule to be focused on the project.


Atmospheric drawing - exterior view


Atmospheric drawing - Folly Interior view

Further information and result of the project can be viewed in the following issuu pages: