VascularScraper is an experimental project which try to mimic and emulate the plant’s stem vessels formation and its operation to develop a skyscraper design. This project was a refined progress of Dani’s individual research for his master thesis in DIA.

During the research, we found that the vascular parts -bundle of vessels- of the plant has a purpose to transport nutrition in plant’s body. As The Vessels transports the nutrition, the shape of the vessels/vascular bundle expresses dynamic shape – a convex and concave shape- along the stem.

Mimick and emulate the nature

The emergent quality resulted by the nutrition transport process in plant vessels triggered us to mimic the vessels -operation and its formation- in skyscraper design especially the skyscraper’s circulation that will express to the whole form of the skyscraper.

Expressive form as a result of mimicking the nature