After the fabrication process that took almost 8 weeks, all the components (2040 pieces) are now ready to be setup and assembled on site -paddock building @uph complex. The setting up of the installation will start on July 26th and expected to be completed on August 2nd, 2011.

Day 0 – xx.06.2011- 25-07.2011 @ temporary workshop space Here are the photographs of the hexaPanels module assembling and storing @ temporary workshop space in UPH Architecture building.

hexaPanels @ temporary workshop
Fabricated parts – 1/12 of HP02 module
Individual module assembling
Stacks of HexaPanels-Information Board

Day 1 – 26.07.2011 – @ Paddock UPH building complex.

coordinates the modules – marking the grid
Sorting out the modules
coordinates the modules
Stacking the structural modules
Stacking the structural modules
Stacking up the structural modules
Stacking the structural modules

Day 2 – 27.07.2011 – @ Paddock UPH building complex.

Fill up the rest of the modules
Fill up the rest of the modules
Fill up the rest of the modules
Fill up the rest of the modules

Day 3 – 28.07.2011 – @ Paddock UPH building complex.
Since the selected material is corrugated cardboard (light weight material) and the dimension of the whole installation is 3,20 m height and 22,5 m length, our workshop team found out that we need to reinforced the structure to make it more rigid.

Reinforce the bracing

Day 4 – 29.07.2011 – @ Paddock UPH building complex.
This how it seen from Jalan Diponegoro, Lippo Karawaci after we reinforced the installation structure. There is still some much thing to do in the next week.

Exterior view – frontage of the paddock building

Thanks to

Dept. Architecture | UPH
HexaPanels team:
– Amanda Gracia
– Addi Darmawan
– Davina Nathania
– Frederick Tjandradjadja
– Gloria
– Ivan Billy
– Jerry Ferdinand Kambey
– Prajna Mudita
– Ruth Mega Sari
– Tanya P Utomo

– Tatyana Kusumo
– Vina Oliviana Kencana

– Xenia Sabina Lembono
UPH Fest. Organizer
Widji Printing

for such a great collaboration. We’re looking forward for our next collaborative project.