The 10 Finalists of Summarecon Bekasi Node and Sculpture Competition were requested to submit two scale of models (1:250 and 1:50 ). In order to carry out this requirement, we decided to fabricate the model in two methods: rapid prototyping/3d printing for 1:200 model and laser cutting for 1:50 model.

Using our (formo’s) 3d printing equipment, our 1:250 model had to be divided into several parts concerning the limited dimension of the 3d printing’s bed size: 130 mm x 130 mm x 130 mm.

Adjusting digital model to prototype/3d print
Organizing all the model parts into several batches regarding to the bedsize limit

Post printing, we still need to assembly (using glue) all the parts that made from ABS material and fill the gap between its parts with plastic filler to get the smooth-continuous surface of the form.

Assembling process

Comparing to the previous one, our 1:50 model was fabricated using laser cutter that works on planar material. The form was unfolded/unroll into several planar coded-modules (the envelopes and and ribs) in order to ease further assembling.

Coded-modules to cut
assembling process – 1:50 model

Finally, we were succeed to assembling and combine those fabricated model in 36 hours. And thank you to Prastika Lestari – reinforcement in last panic days- who had gave us her hand that really helpful in assembling the model perfectly. 🙂

Final Model that exhibited at Summarecon Kelapa Gading, Jakarta