Started form January to May 2012, Formologix and Gamatara -the student society of UPH architecture- have been conducting a digital fabrication workshop: “carving metaballs“. The objective of this workshop is to experiment and exercise the students on utilizing digital fabrication technology in order to close-up the gap between design and construction.

Generated Metaballs shape

We develop a metaballs-void (volume) that subtracted from a series of slices of box shape. The slices of the metaballs carving  are composed from 35 wooden-slices, and each slice are composed from 4 face-components/modules or 140 modules in total. The shape of the modules are customized and programmed by a parametric-associative rule set application (through rhinoceros+grasshopper) which combines geometric interelationships and algorithmic process.

subtracting metaballs shape from series of slices of box shape
Modulation of the components

Regarding to the limited budget, we realize that we cannot build the total 1:1 scale of 35 slices of metaballs carving. We only built 4 slices which fabricated using laser cut machine. The following items are the final modulation specification:

size of modulation 750mm to 650 mm
slice composition 3 layers glued teakwood
slice joints edge to edge joint with tongue (act as dowel)
fittings screws, dowel and bolt

Fabricating and assemblying components (courtessy of bunga yuridespita)
Final installation at UPH “placeMAKING” exhibition, dia.lo.gue artspace kemang (courtessy of bunga yuridespita)

Workshop participants:
amanda gracia
addi darmawan
ayesha aramita
bunga yuridespita
daniel efresh gunawan
elbert chayadi
Ignatius christian purnawan
jennifer lesmana
tania paramita utomo
tatyana kusumo
vianny lestari setiawan

Great collaboration we had, guys….looking forward for another collaborative project.