As part of our contribution on teaching in Pelita Harapan University, Form-O (formologix + formoperation) becomes a partner and speaker of an Architectural Academic Works Exhibition and Discussion under the title: “placeMAKING” in July 2012 at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space, Jalan Kemang Selatan No. 99A, Kemang.

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placeMAKING exhibition is divided into two part, the “place” and “MAKING” exhibition. Form-O collaboration result on teaching in architectural studio at UPH architecture will be exposed in the second part of the exhibition, MAKING, start from 15th to 21st of July 2012.

The MAKING exhibition aims to open up a discussion on the operation of developing sensitivities of abstraction and actualization that exercised in different grade of architectural design studio in Pelita Harapan University. The captured process, implementations and results of these issues will be putted into a dialectical exhibition and discussion to achieve feed-backs for further improvement in architectural design studio teaching and learning

In this exhibition form-o collaborators will expose two different studio units. The first studio explore the utilization of digital technology under the issue Geometry  and Data Meshing. The second studio is the Algorithmic Sterategy in Architectural Design. This studio is exploring and investigating to the use of computational mechanism for the exploration of variability and select building envelope as the case study for the project. The computational operation that is being used is the algorithmic process, which involves the designation of the application (Rhinoceros + Grasshopper) to generate model from rule-based logic responding to specific constraint. Here, the algorithmic process becomes a strategy to explore possibilities of solution on responding the constraint (such as daylight, thermal, vista, etc.) as well as finding the finest solution in the term of aesthetic and tectonic.

Feel free to come to our exhibition and join us in the project discussion on July 21st in Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space.