In September 2012, Arcadia Design (PT Argha Callista Design) and Formologix Lab were initiating a research project that investigate and explore about complex surface that can be implemented for building skin/façade.

By the middle of September 2012, finally both teams were deciding to put on focus on of the most refined design sketches that we have been developed. The basic idea of the chosen design sketch is to generate a 3 dimensional modulated shape that combining triangulated form with folding and cutting.

Installation at the Kota Kasablanka Atrium (courtesy of Jacob Gatot Surarjo)

The design sketch was promoted by arcadia’s board of architects to be exposed as an installation work as a part of Jakarta Architecture Triennale (JAT2012)-Architecture Office Exhibtion- which representing a collaborative work of Arcadia Disain and formologix. It is a big opportunity as well as a big challenge for formologix team, since the design sketches hasn’t been optimized yet in the term of geometry, materiality and its fabrication method.

Modulation of form and its unfolding method

In order to those problems, both team were agreed to reimplement the hexapanels installation work flow so it become less time consuming. Comparing to Hexapanels installation, this one is more complex despite the total dimension is smaller than hexapanels – which only 2 meter height, 2 meter length and 0.15 meter depth. But, it consisted of 216 customized components -where hexapanels only has 6 customized components. This came out as a consequence of nurbs surface extraction – the assigned surface to generate the final form and modulation.

Assembling method

Finally, the installation work was finished and well installed in JAT Exhibition Space at Kota Kasablanca, Cassablanca, Jakarta.

Installation at the Kota Kasablanka Atrium

We’d like to thank all the collaborators for such a good teamwork during the completion “generative skin” installation project.Collaborators:
Arcadians (PT Arga Callista Design team)
Formologix Lab Team
Formologix Contributors (Rendy Kilapong, Patricia Kartika, Daniel Sukamto)