As part of the renovation work  at The Nu Art Sculpture Park, in northen Bandung, Formologix Lab has been given an opportunity by Biroe Architecture to explore the possibility on creating an architectural entity that performs as reception desk as well as a space divider. Through the project, Formologix and Biroe Architecture decided to push the opportunity to use the algorithmic design and fabrication method by sinergizing it with potential of local craftsmanship for its implementation.

Experiment with extracted lines from NURBS Surface

This work was named AVE Installation – Algorithmic Vertical Element Installation – where the main idea was to incorporate the creation of reception desk that gradually transform into a wall. AVE, initially experimented from NURBS surface then extracted into sequence of two crossing lines (V-Isocurves). Those V-Isocurves were calculated to become the series of vertical elements and performed as primary expression elements (planks) for the whole geometry. Every crossing points between two series of lines were calculated as the position of joints that bind one planks to another. These calculations: shape, numbers, length, position of planks and its joints were conducted through the using of Grasshopper (GH) and Rhinoscripting. Each planks and joints are unique, the utilizing of GH and Rhinoscripting became so helpful for the iteration process of calculation.

Conceptual Form

After the digital form was finally met the design expectation, the resulting data from the digital model is used to feed the fabrication machine (laser cutting) for all element production. At first, this data was used to create fabricated scaled model as a simulation of construction.

Scaled Model Simulation
Scaled Model Simulation – Details

The scaled model simulation proved that the components’ engraved-code may help the constructor effectively and efficiently in the term of controlling their resources and time consumption.

Components Mock up

AVE was predicted to be  assembled in a week of working hours.
Regarding to these advantage of using digital fabrication, the client felt that the perfection of fabrication result is perceived too much, whereas the spirit of the Nu Art Sculpture Park has more human-touch art works. The critique lead the collaborators to put the human intervention in the act of production still expressed in the result of the built form. In this case the digital data will be engaged the act of production directly (means no fabrication machine will be used), but rather the digital data will be mapped into a series documentation such as a non-standard assembling manual that guide the human-craftsmanship to build the correct geometry of each component of form.

The production and assembling manual consisted of, first, 1:1 scaled printed map that embedded the contained each elements’ properties such as shape, numbers, length, position of planks. The second manual is a set of component list.
The MDF was chosen to be the material for the vertical elements, while the diagonaly-sliced rectangular steel pipe is used for the joint between vertical elements.

AVE Modulation

AVE is now in a final progress of its completion.  The following images are the captured of assembling progress:

Assembling Progress

As described so far, AVE Installation has put the collaborators (Biroe Architecture and Formologix Lab) encountered the wider range of digital design and fabrication approach which mostly suspected will replace traditional aspect of design process and production. In this project, we’ve concluded that nothing actually replace one another, but rather we have the opportunity of synergizing both potentialities.