This research project was initiated in 2012 as part of a collaborative work between PT Arga Calista Desain (Arcadia) and Formologix Laboratory that focused on finding and investigating double-layer envelope of glass and metal paneling for tower design: Menara Pertiwi (MP) at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

MP Tower at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
MP Solar Radiation Analysis

MP basically is an office tower that in the term of energy consumption it puts a big concern to optimized natural daylighting to the office program inside the tower. In order to achieve that aim, our team came up with employing double-layer skin, a combination of outer and inner layer on the tower façade. The inner layer of the building envelope will be performed as a main boundary between the interior programs from the exterior environment, glazing. In the meanwhile, the outer layer of the envelope performs as a passive shading system that composed dynamically in response to average sun exposure in a year. The materials of the outer layer are potential made from perforated metal sheet, GRC, fiber reinforce plastic or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).
The dynamic composition of the outer layer of the tower envelope (the screens) was computed, generated and investigated through parametric associative modeling to simulate opportunities of screen solid-void configuration.

1st Generative Form Result
Early 3D printed skin

The research meets its objective –conceptual design of the tower skin– in December 2013 but unfortunately it was decided not to be implemented.


For both teams: the arcadians and formologix team. This research has open up further opportunities for future collaboration on making a comprehensive approach on design process which intersects computational and design thinking into architecture.

Research Collaborators:
Formologix Lab
Orogen Workshop