By the end of August 2015, Formologix was commissioned to conduct research and develop modular joint system that will be combined with tubular material. Both clamp and tubular material are customized product and specially develop and produce for this project. Those are parts of the element of secondary skin which is designed for Mr. Armand Djunaedi house in Jelambar, North Jakarta, Indonesia.


The frontage of the Mr. Armand’s house is facing south-western which may be gain more direct sunlight at afternoon direction. This means that some of the big opening of the house may need shading device that able to shade from angled west direction. The circle-profile of vertical shading allow the shading device block the direct sunray – at any direction – as well as diffuse the radiation to every directions- without blocking to much the view.


The tubular elements and its’ combination with clamp joints are composed not only to perform as shading device but rather to be a vocal point of the building facade. Both elements are being manage to create dynamic articulation of vertical-rhythmic with series of accentuation nodes (Y-Clamps). This potency of dynamic look is implemented for the building facade: shading device and the fence.


The tubular element is made from HDPE material manufactured by PT Polymindo Permata, Indonesia. This product originally manufactured as Bamboo synthetic for outdoor use, for this project this product intently developed in custom way in the term of color color, appearance, length and diameter.

Fence Prototype

The Y-Clamp is also customized joint system that particularly produce  for this project. In the original design, the Y-Clamp material is made also from HDPE which consisted of 3 parts for each joints and fabricated using mold-injection method. The following images are the early 1:1 mock up of the clamp. You may click this link to view the parametric modeling result in real time.


Concerning about  the cost of the mold-injection method, all the collaborators found that this method quite expensive to done, then all the possibilities converging into on option to mass fabricate the clamp, that is the stamping method.  This option made some significant modification such as global form, dimension and appearance of the Y-Clamps.

At the moment all the project is still on a progress. The Y-Clamp is now in the stage of mass production. Hopefully the installation of the “Parametric Y-Clamp” can be finished at the of the second quarter of this year.

Year of completion On Progress
Materials HDPE Tube – Viro Bamboo, Aluminium Clamp
Tools Rhino, Grasshopper
Location Kompleks Polri, Jelambar, Nort Jakarta, Indonesia
Client  Mr. Armand Djunaedi
Colaborators :

  1. Architect – Computational Designer : Formologix
  2. General Contractor : Gratio Raynata
  3. HDPE Tube Fabricator  : Viro Build
  4. Y-Clamp : PT Samko PT Polymindo Permata