This article is aimed to disclose the successful research implementation of parametric design strategy for the building skin of the Indonesia Pavilion at the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.

In March 2014, together with Rubi Roesli and Miranti Gumayana, Dani Hermawan (Formologix) had an opportunity to design the Indonesian Pavilion, which exhibited in May-October 2015 at World EXPO 2015, at Milano, Italy. In this architect team, Dani was in charged to conduct a research and develop a building skin design that can accommodate not only the main theme of EXPO 2015 but also to reintroduce modern approach of Indonesian architecture philosophically and technologically.

WorldExpo_03In accordance with sustainability concept, the pavilion is designed as semi-open facility, to make the most use of natural lighting and to create fresh air environment inside the building.


Modern design method, material technique and construction (such as parametric design and pre-fabrication) are used to synergize the manufacturing technology with traditional the craftsmanship, the rattan weaving. The algorithmic and parametric design method was being used to explore, investigate, simulate and evaluate the possible form and construction of the pavilion building. The pavilion introduced rattan weaving that applied into generated segmented doubly-curve panels which were used to cover the whole pavilion building.


As a respond to the EU fire regulation, the building had to use synthetic-rattan as the main material of the panel cladding. Modern material technology combined with artistic traditional craftsmanship application. Every single one of the rattan panels is skilfully handwoven with care & precision.


For all the process of designing and constructing, the Indonesian team conduct an intensive collaboration with Studio Rigone team as the local consultant. Among their impressive portfolio list are projects by Arata Isozaki, Daniel Liebeskin, and plenty other high-profile architecture projects.


Project Data


Project Owner
Koperasi Pelestari Budaya Indonesia (KPBN)

Architectural Team of Indonesian Pavilion
Team Leader:

Rubi Roesli – BIROE architecture & Interior
Job Captain:
Miranti Gumayana – G+
Senior Architectural Designer and Computational Designer :
Dani Hermawan – FORMOLOGIX

Indonesia Rattan Panel Manufacturer:
Viro Build – PT. Polymindo Permata

Italian Architecture and Engineering Partner:
Studio di Ingegneria Rigone

General Contractor

Structural Contractor

Residence Manager