Sponsored by Artha Graha Peduli (AGN Peduli), in June 2016 KPBN as the organizer of Pavilion Indonesia for World Expo 2015 is releasing the book ” Pavilion Indonesia World Expo Milan 2015 – Indonesia Menawan / Enchanting Indonesia“.
The book gives an overview of how Pavilion was initially created including the preparation, funding, design process, construction process, event organizing, all the challenges and how to overcome them.


The book is well represented in series of documentation of teamwork. Rubi Roesli, Miranti Gumayana and Dani Hermawan (Formologix) are also mentioned as the architects in charged for Architectural design and construction implementation who was successfully elaborate local wisdom and modern design (parametric design and digital fabrication), material and construction techniques in presenting Indonesia into the architecture of Indonesia Pavilion.


In addition, the book exposes series of recognition milestones of every person who involved wholeheartedly to present the Indonesia Pavilion in Milan.