Formologix will be participate as panelist in Biroe Sharing Session #1. Together  with Jens Hirscberg Dipl. Ing (FH) – Certified Passive House from Germany and Ir. Timmy Setiawan from Green Building Council Indonesia will discuss more on the topic: Low Energy Building.

Regarding to the topic: Low Energy Building, we (formologix) will much more focusing on the environmental modeling and simulation in architectural design process. As we live in era of digital data, we believe that the way architects conduct their design process has now shifted. The digital geometry that used by architects during their design process is now possible to conduct multiple roles which not only a digital representation of design but rather a simulation tool that incorporate and interact various information such as, solar energy, daylighting, airflow, radiation, etc. These capabilities of digital simulation tools give the advantage for architects to improve their design process on predicting numbers of design possibilities and result as well as validating them in real time while designing. In addition, the simulation can be performed in the early stage of design instead of performing them at the end of the design process,-like the conventional way:  the mitigation approach.

The presentation will show a case of study of one computational tool for environmental modelling: Honeybee-Ladybugs for Grasshopper, a visual programming in Rhinoceros. This case study attempts to answer some questions:

What can the simulation tool do?
What kind of validations can be achieved?
How the simulation tooling affect the design workflow?

Come and join the discussion…See You There!

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