With our interest and experience working with computational tools and digital fabrication machine for several years, Formologix and Klokwerk are urging to start a collaborative activity and knowledge sharing at the hub of creative community (Coworkinc) that has big potency to cultivate discussion and intersection between computational techniques and digital fabrication with another field of interest. This collaborative activity that Formologix and Klokwerk will conduct is Digital Fabrication Workshop: digiFAB

This workshop will teach you the technique of digital modelling in an efficient way, preparing “file to factory” and work “hands-on” with Lasercut machine. Furthermore, you will learn about manufacturing engineering, which is a fast-changing and has tremendous job opportunities in the market place right now.

Organized by:
Klokwerk Studio

Hosted by:
@coworkinc; February 24-25, 2017
@klokwerk ; February 26, 2017.

Supported by:
Biroe Sharing Session
PT Aman Tirta

Come and join our workshop!! It’s only limited for 10 participants.