Fascinated with some mathematical geometry makes Formologix Lab and ViroBuild urge to initiate a collaborative design, research and development of a design installation, called : Torricelli’s Formation. The main idea of the installation is to explore the beauty and the potential of mathematical surface arrangement (Torricelli’s trumpets) that performs as a spatial composition for people. The Toriccelli’s surface is expressed through the integration of HDPE Pipe-ViroBamboo and clamp as main structure and HDPE woven fibre – ViroSurface as a dynamic surface that perform tectonically together.

The Torricelli’s Formation was design through computational design techniques and tools in order to open up the possibilities of future massive adjustment and production, such as: numbers or array, element’s dimension, geometrical subdivision, etc. And to test it, our collaborative installation work was built and exhibit for Indobuildtech 2017 (IBT2017), at International Convention Center, Bumi Serpong Damai.

HDPE Pipe – ViroBamboo image courtesy of Virobuild)

This installation coincidentally became one of the most iconic installation during the IBT 2017 event which attract people to experience how beautifully mathematical geometry can be expressed and implemented as built form for activities.