Formologix, together with 4 other architecture/design offices were invited to contribute in CASA Indonesia 2017 – an annual of art, architecture, design and living Exhibition at Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta. As a part of the CASA Indonesia 2017 event,  our exhibition was named SPACEial.

SPACEial is an interactive architectural exhibition which explores spatial articulation through series of light contours. The basic idea of the exhibition was to reintroduce conventional architectural media -sectional drawings.

Interpreting SPACEial idea

The sectional-outlines were managed in series of contour etching (on acrylic sheets and lighted up) which was expected to create imaginary curves  of spatial definition that can be reprieved by observers in 3 dimensional way.

Series of sectional drawing that etched onto the acrylic sheets
Formologix’s SPACEial installation

It was very interesting that the installation expectation was well achieved. Most exhibition visitors were excited to spent quite while observing the SPACEial installation one by one.

All SPACEial Installations at the CASA Indonesia 2017

Thank you to all collaborators, sponsors and especially for CASA Indonesia 2017 for such collaborative opportunity.

DP+HS Architects
Parametr Architecture
sontangMsiregar architects
US&P Architects

SPACEial Sponsors
Dharmawan Group – Lighting Consultant
Laser Indonesia – Fabricator
NVC – Lighting vendor

SPACEial was host
CASA Indonesia