Eria Pavilion is a research project that was commissioned in 2017 and still in progress to create a modular membrane structure for a public facility at the PBS Ecological Park, in East Belitung, Indonesia. Eria Pavilion will be located ca. 100 m from the Kirana Riverside Deck and Dome – which was built in 2016.

Eria Pavilion and Kirana Riverside deck and dome (Dermaga Kirana)

The modular membrane structure will be functioned as a pavilion which experimenting multiple dome-shapes which are intersecting one and another. The pavilion is developed in modular system, 36 membrane-modules of 4 customized modulations.

Membrane modular system that applied for Eria Pavilion

The application of the membrane is quite challenging since the 800 gr membrane should be stretched in doubly curve direction, with arc radius ranged from 2.10 – 3.50 meters.

Membrane work at the assembling factory – Flamindo Factory in South Tangerang, Indonesia

The membrane structure will be sited on the laminated bamboo deck since the program within the structure will be hospitality program. The aim of using laminated bamboo decking is to make contrast quality between indoor and outdoor atmosphere.

The construction stage situation of the deck

The Eria Pavilion fabrication progress is now 95% and expected to be completed in the end of February 2018 before it shipped to Belitung Island.

First construction of dome cluster #1
Construction of dome cluster #3 and #4

Project Owner

PT Pelangi Beltim Sejahtera

Architect and Computational Designer:
Formologix Lab

Project Manager

Membrane Material and Applicator
Mehler Technology – Flamindo

Laminated Bamboo Supplier

General Contractor
Jimmy Rusli

MEP Consultant