Sousu Sculpture was our collaborative Installation Project at Sousu Beach, Wakatobi Island, for Directorate General of Human Settlement Ministry of Public Works & Housing.
Our design approach was trying to bridge between design narration and technology application: parametric design and digital fabrication techniques.

The Design Narration derived from “sail” a relevant object representation of the maritime life of the coastal native people. This “sail” silhouette then articulated into series of stripes that similar to an articulation occurred on the Lion Fish‘s skin.

This metalwork installation was designed through parametric associative modeling tools and instrumenting digital fabrication machine (Laser Cutting) to cut metal sheet to produce the fins. Each fins is a sandwiched of 10mm steel + 40mm.800mm.3mm customized UNP Profile + another 10mm steel.

It was fabricated and design in Java then shipped and assembled in Wanci, Wakatobi Regency – the south eastern of Sulawesi. This installation has almost 4 ton steel weight, 102 components and near to 5 meter tall was assembled in 12 hours.

Through this parametric design and digital fabrication techniques, its allow us to control design complexity and productivity in more effective and efficient manner.

Project Client:
Directorate General of Human Settlement
Ministry of Public Works & Housing

Project Manager:
M. Reva Sastrodiningrat

Computational Design and Digital Fabrication Consultant:

Fabricator and Applicator :
PT Laser Indonesia