Formologix is pleased to announce that Dani Hermawan has been invited to take part in the Design Knowledge Sharing together with Cosmas Gozali (Atelier Cosmas Gozali) and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow). The event will be held at The Loggia on March 15th, 2019 in Jakarta. The knowledge sharing will discuss visionary approach of a latest modular interior project of Atelier Bow-Wow at The Loggia Apartment on how to research, explore and develop a modular design for spacious living.

In order to enrich the discussion, Atelier Cosmas Gozali and Formologix will be presenting their projects that mainly occupy similar method in the term of research and development on modular architecture which have been implemented in Indonesia.

Please kindly go to for further information and RSVP.