In the third quarter of 2022, Formologix Lab and SASO studio with the support of two building product manufacturers: ViroBuild and Astral Aluminium were initiating a collaborative design installation, called : The Nalarupa. The main idea of the installation is to explore the beauty and the potential of isovist-field that implement into a dynamic form articulation. This installation was paired with some 1:1 scaled prototype as showcase of how the real implementation of Nalarupa installation in AEC domain.

In this collaboration, the isovist analysis has been used by Formologix to automate and iterate procedures through computational technique. Computational analysis allows numbers of iteration to be easily undertaken that result with large number of variations which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming using manual methods.

The potential of isovist exploration through computational design technique urge all the collaborators to push further implemented it into modular system, by splitting down a system into smaller fraction in order to execute a variety of tasks. And the result, the infinite variation of forms that were executed can be break down into small numbers of components.

Finally, both designers and manufactures were agreed to expose to the public about this potential modular structure at Naifest 2022, a natinal design installation festival hosted by Indobuid Tech – a well known exhibition organizer for building technology.

Nalarupa and the two showcases (commercial pod and cabin) which exposed in Naifest 2022, ICE BSD, Indonesia. (Image courtessy of Formologix x SASO x Virobuild)

Since the prototype attracted and had positive responds from visitor which only coming from the AEC industry but also common audiences, the collaborator decided to plan the second quarter of 2023 will be realistic projection for final product launching to the public.

SASO Architecture

Structural System and Fibre Fabricator:

Aluminium Frame and Glazing:
Astral Aluminium