We are so excited to participate in Online Symposia: ’Between past and future – new forms of design, construction, and material cultures’ – hosted by @seam.encounters. This symposia will present the contents of the project to an international audience and open up topics raised by this collaborative endeavour to an interested public.

Some speakers that are invited:
Johannes Widodo – National University of Singapore & mAAN
Mohammad Nanda Widyarta – Universitas Indonesia
Alwi R. Sjaaf – architect, PhD Candidate at Universitas Indonesia
Philipp Misselwitz – Bauhaus Earth , TU Berlin
Nadia Purwestri – Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur PDA
Imma Anindyta-Hermawan, Dani Hermawan – Formologix
Nanni Grau – München University of Applied Sciences


The symposia synopsis by the host:

The digital will play an increasingly important role in the development of sustainable concepts in building in the future.

That is why we are very pleased to have experts in this field at our symposium on 1 December: Imma Anindyta Hermawan, certified green building professional, researcher, and Dani Hermawan, architect, researcher, both from Formologix Lab.

Formologix is interested in exploring digital tectonics and fabrication through the intersection of design, computation, and science. Digital design methods play an important role in this. How can these contribute to a more sustainable architecture? What is the team working on in its experimental design and research laboratory?

Imma and Dani will also address these questions: What are the challenges for Indonesian architectural practice in the fields of craft and industry? And they risk an outlook: What opportunities can be explored to find better materials and fabrics to answer the future challenges?

Online Symposium: ’Between past and future – new forms of design, construction, and material cultures’ – 1 December 2022, 10 am – 1 pm CET (UTC+1) / 4 – 7 pm WIB (UTC+7)

For the detailed project information, registration and the line-up of all international speakers please visit: www.seam-encounters.net

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