is an experimental design and research laboratory specializing in exploring digital tectonics and fabrication through the intersection of design, computation, and science. In this website, you will find about our researches,services and collections of our projects as well as a blog documenting the work of our networks.


Dani Hermawan


is an architect and researcher based in Jakarta. As a Principal of Formologix Lab, He interested and explores the collaborative potential of digital design and fabrication techniques related to architecture and product design -through various modes: parametric design, scripting, and fabrication.

Dani pursued his Master of Archtiecture in digital architecture from Dessau Institute of Architecture, Bauhaus-Dessau, Germany (2008) under supervision of Mathias Del Campo (SPAN/Austria) and Daniel Dendra (anotherArchitect-Berlin). For his Bachelor of Architecture, he was graduated from Parahyangan University, Indonesia (2004).

As practitioner, he credits his early architectural experience with the practices at Larascipta Architects, collaborative experience with Daniel Dendra at anotherArchitect, Berlin, and currently worked as a digital design, modeling and fabrication consultant for several architecture offices. Recently In 2014, with 2 other young architects, Dani was appointed by KPBN as a Senior Architectural Designer of The Indonesia Pavilion for The World Expo 2015 that was held in Milan from May 2015 till the end of October 2015.

As academia, he taught design studios at Parahyangan Catholic University and currently, he actively teaches design studio, workshop and seminar at Pelita Harapan University.


Imma Anindyta


investigates critical issues in architecture, design and urbanism through native and digital design. In this current time, She practices as Co-Principal of Formologix Lab  as well as serving as a Certified Green Building Professional to support Formologix research on the intersection between built environment, computational techniques and building science. Beside practicing architect, She is also a lecturer and Co-Head of Urban Design and Environmental Laboratory at Universitas Tarumanegara, Jakarta, Indonesia.

She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Parahyangan University, Indonesia (2004) and pursued her Master of Architecture and Urbanism from Dessau Institute of Architecture, Bauhaus-Dessau,  Germany (2008) under supervision of Prof. Dr-Ing. Andrea Haase (Wertestrukturen Büro, Dessau) and Prof. Ralf Niebergall (President of Sachsen Anhalt Architect Association).
She gained her early architectural experience with the practices at AT6 Architecture Bureau, Jakarta, urban research experience by assisted Prof. Sandi A Siregar at the urban design laboratory, Parahyangan Catholic University and collaborative experience with Daniel Dendra at anotherArchitect, Berlin.


Albert Hartanto


Albert is a young researcher and architectural designer at Formologix Laboratory. He graduated from School of Design of Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia, and hold a Bachelor of Architecture (Sarjana Arsitektur). Prior to joining Formologix Laboratory in 2016, Albert has experienced in Architectural design internship at W-Office.
Currently, together with other collaborators in Formologix,  He is active on exploring the potential of parametric design tooling as a a techniques and strategy to develop architecture.


Silviana Saputra


Silviana received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from School of Design at University of Pelita Harapan, Indonesia. Over the time in her studies there, she started to develop her interest in other aspect in architectural design that focus on workmanship and detailing with digital tools. She had experience and interest in wooden material experimentation and development. As the time goes, she started exploring in product design, mainly in wooden products. She believes that her knowledge in architectural design and wooden goods could give her the advantages and perks in developing her collaborative works with formologix


Davina Delecia


Davina is a fourth year environmental engineering student in Surya University. She currently works as an intern in Formologix Laboratory. As she pursues her bachelor degree in a research-based university, she is constantly exposed to the research and development in environmental engineering, particularly in the field of sustainable city and green building. Her research activity at Formologix will be focused on improving the design and construction of green buildings, which is an essential component in a sustainable city.


Albertus Kevin Adrian


Kevin is an internship member in Formologix Laboratory. Currently, he is an environmental engineering student at Surya University. In the study program, he took specialization in smart city and green building. His Internship activity at Formologix laboratory will be focused on eco-friendly building design and has willingness to analyze the environmental factors that affect building’s performance.




Formologix is affiliated with Form-O, a global network laboratory based in Jakarta, Indonesia which researching, training and consulting in the areas of 3D prototyping and CAD/CAM fabrication for the designers.


Formologix First Face

Formologix always open for people who love to collaborate and share their knowledge on how to synergize technology for further design innovation. Current formologix collaborators:

Angeline Basuki
Andreas Y Wibisono

Salman R Zahrawan
Prastika Lestari

Bondan Petra
Rendy Vallery K
Zuadin Akbar